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Attn: Maine Citizens Hungry For Something They Can’t Dip In Butter


Hopefully the people of Maine can take a moment to put down their lobsters and use their buttery hands to sign a very important petition. A group called “We The People Maine,” took to the streets yesterday in over 100 locations throughout the state in search of signatures on a petition calling for a constitutional amendment. The proposed amendment would insure that corporations are not “people” and money is not a protected form of speech under the First Amendment.

“We The People Maine,” is a local arm of the larger organization, “Move to Amend,” that is hoping to garner national support for their amendment. Some individuals, like David Crocker, director of the Center for Constitutional Government, a conservative advocacy group, have criticized the movement by saying that it goes too far to “strip corporations of their constitutional rights.”

However, when we look at why constitutional amendments were adopted and put into places, they were done so to protect the people of this great nation. Corporations are not people and it is not political speech they are looking for, it is political influence. The people that compose corporations deserve just as much influence as everybody else: one vote.

While the executives at Wal-Mart might ensure that I get the best deals on crappy products I never needed, there is no price tag that they can put on the American political landscape that we all need and we all deserve.

If you would like to learn more and sign the “Move to Amend” petition, please go to