Attn: No Sleep Till Crooklyn


Great news from New York! It was recently discovered that Brooklyn’s former District Attorney, Charles Hynes, took it upon himself to donate money seized from criminals back to a local non-profit organization: Charlie Hynes’ re-election campaign. I guess Brooklyn should reconsider having the District Attorney and Police Department share a joint bank account.

The 27-page report that illuminated Hynes’ poor money handling skills also shined a light on his improper relationship with Judge Barry Kamins. Judge Kamins would routinely give Hynes advice on matters such as where to take his wife for their honeymoon, how to throw the perfect football spiral, and also how to stack a panel that was investigating wrongful imprisonments with his supporters, possibly leading to innocent men and women being thrown behind bars.

This is what happens when politicians binge watch Breaking Bad and House of Cards.


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